What Makes Us Different

Steps of Independence!

Residents get to choose the activity that they want to work toward, and the sky is the limit. The following are some examples of what people have done:

  • To be strong enough to play horseshoes outside.

  • Being able to transfer safely into a car to go out to eat.

  • Day at the hair salon

  • Having the endurance to go to play mini golf

  • Going ten pin bowling safely

  • Going to the theatre

  • Go horseback riding

  • To be able to dance at his grandson’s wedding

  • To act in a Community Play

  • To be strong enough to go to church in the community

The end goal is for the resident to decide.

The first step is choosing the activity. Next to be screened by rehab to ensure safety and assisting each resident to reach the activity level needed to fulfill their goal.

This is a fun and exciting program!