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Music & Memory

Music & Memory’s personalized music program has been field-tested in thousands of care settings throughout the United States and around the world and is grounded in neuroscience research.  Personalized music brings joy, eases pain, reduces stress, and can facilitate social connection.  For family members, sharing a loved one’s music can enhance visits and deepen relationships that maybe have seemed lost, especially to dementia

The Benefits of Personalized Music are:

  • A way to give pleasure to persons with advanced dementia

  • Offers an enjoyable, fulfilling activity for persons in dialysis, on vent or bed-bound

  • Increases cooperation and attention, reduces resistance to care—a real boost for staff morale

  • Reduces agitation and sundowning

  • Enhances engagement and socialization, fostering a calmer social environment

  • Provides a valuable tool for the effort to reduce reliance on anti-psychotic medications

To Maintain a Successful Program we will be:

  • Establishing an iTunes library

  • Sharing songs legally

  • Setting up personalized playlists (Family and friends are encouraged to share their loved one favorite music by making a play list and submitting it to the life enhancement team.)

  • Acquiring and managing equipment, including security and hygiene

  • Gaining staff buy-in

  • Engaging families

  • Building community advocacy and support

We will be Ensuring the Quality of our program by:

  • Effective assessment tools

  • Best practices for measuring outcomes to improve program success. The hours you invest in creating a Music & Memory personalized music program are paid back as residents feel happier, more social, less anxious—just more able to enjoy life—and staff regain valuable time for person-centered care.

The number one reason we are so excited to be part of this program is because:


Family members are invited and encouraged to get involved in helping create their loved one’s personalized playlist.  This will be an ongoing opportunity for you and your loved one to take a musical journey together.  

For more information, please visit:  www.musicandmemory.org  or contact Life Enhancement Director Kelly Goodnow or Admission Director Janessa Luke !