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Hospice & Respite Services

BNRC offers hospice and palliative care services in collaboration with several area certified hospice providers. The focus of our Hospice Services is on ensuring the highest quality of life during a resident’s last days by offering comfort, care, and dignity to the resident and their families.

Caring for the caregiver is the goal of our Respite Program. At times, caregivers need time away for rest, leisure, or to deal with unforeseen emergencies. Our respite program provides 24 hour care for a few days or several weeks. Our admissions staff will work closely to assure that all the needs of your loved one are met while you are away, resting, or attending to important business. Respite care residents are encouraged to take advantage of all of our services, including rehabilitation, dining, recreation, and social activities.

For more information, please call Anna Gering, Admissions Director, at 603-627-4147 x102.

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