Rehabilitation Services


Our team of physical therapists (PT), occupational therapists(OT), and speech therapists (SLP) work to speed recovery and return residents to home as quickly as possible. Our therapists work one-to-one with patients. BNRC specializes in several areas of rehabilitation, including orthopedic rehabilitation, for patients who have undergone knee and hip replacement surgery and other orthopedic procedures. We also provide Cardiac Rehabilitation services.

Our goal is to restore, promote and maintain movement, function and overall fitness and health. The team works closely with our patients and their family members to achieve maximum potential and optimal level of independence. Additiononally our therapy team will plan a transition to home plan, including home visits to assess safety prior to discharge.

Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Speech Therapy
Regain Function And Movement: Relearn Everyday Physical Skills: Regain Speech, Language, Cognitive, and Swallow Ability:
Strength Bathing Oral Motor/Facial Strength and Coordination
Flexibility Grooming Language/Cognitive Activities
Coordination Toileting Augmentative Devices
Balance Dressing Diet Modification
Pain management Eating Specialized Swallow Techniques
Endurance Meal Preparation VitalStim Therapy
M-obility Home Management Tasks A proven treatment for dysphagia (difficulty swallowing). VitalStim uses small electrical currents to stimulate throat muscles. Our rehabilitation therapists have achieved lasting results for many residents using VitalStim to help them retrain their muscles to improve swallowing.
  Upper Body