We Provide Exceptional Short and 
       Long Term Nursing and

          Rehabilitative Care in a 
             Friendly, Safe and Happy Environment.

John M. Turcotte - President & CEO


John and his dog, Milli, who spends most days visiting residents at BNRC.John M. Turcotte is the President & CEO of Bedford Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (BNRC), a home for 101 skilled nursing and rehabilitation patients.  In September 2014, John returned to his family roots in skilled nursing and became the day-to-day leader of BNRC.

John's family has a long history of providing a friendly, happy and safe home for seniors.  In the early 1960's, John's parents, Norman L. Turcotte and Elizabeth R. Turcotte, RN acquired their first nursing home, a 13-bed facility set in a repurposed farmhouse in Massachusetts.  Elizabeth focused on increasing the level of care and quality of life of the residents through changes in nursing practices and procedures, while Norman improved and expanded the size of the facility to serve 45 residents.  Their innovative model of care was so successful that they were able to expand their business by purchasing BNRC in 1972.

"My family acquired BNRC in 1972 when I was six years old.  We lived in the residence located on-site, and I  grew up living and working in the facility.  I assisted with and worked in many aspects of the operation of the facility, including maintenance and several kitchen positions throughout my childhood and teenage years."

John grew up in Bedford, NH and attended Manchester West High School.  He graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a B.A. in Economics and the Georgetown University Law Center with a Juris Doctor.  He practiced law for nearly two decades before becoming BNRC's day-to-day leader.

"Like my parents, I have found the work of leading BNRC to be very fulfilling, and quite inspiring too.  I am committed to improving the day-to-day living experience of our resident through initiatives such as hiring a professional chef to improve the quality and presentation of our culinary services and embarking on an ambitious capital improvement and rehabilitation initiative to improve the aesthetics of the facility."